Thrombin activates fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI kit)

Thrombin-activated fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI kit) Note: 1. The kit should be taken out from the refrigerated environment and allowed to equilibrate for 15-30 minutes at room temperature. If the enzyme label is unsealed after unsealing, the strip should be stored in a sealed bag. 2. Concentrated washing liquid may crystallize out. When diluted, it can be heated and dissolved in a water bath. The washing does not affect the result. 3. The sampler should be used for each step and the accuracy should be corrected frequently to avoid test errors. It is best to control the loading time within 5 minutes. If the number of specimens is large, it is recommended to use a gun. 4. Please make a standard curve at the same time of each measurement, it is best to make a double hole. If the content of the substance to be tested in the specimen is too high (the OD value of the sample is larger than the OD value of the first hole of the standard well), please first dilute the sample dilution with a certain multiple (n times) and then measure it. When calculating, multiply the total dilution by the total dilution. Multiple (×n×5). 5. The sealing film is intended for single use only to avoid cross-contamination. 6. Keep the substrate away from light. 7. Strictly follow the instructions of the manual, the test results must be based on the microplate reader reading. 8. All samples, washings and various wastes should be treated as infectious materials. 9. The different batch components of this reagent must not be mixed. 10. In the case of an English manual, the English manual shall prevail.

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