How about the Fire King smoking machine?

There are many styles of range hood brands. I saw the brand of Fire King some time ago, so I will introduce the price of the Fire King range hood, how about the Fire King range hood, so today I will start this together with the editor. Topic.

Introduction of Fire King Range Hood

Founded in 1992, Shenzhen Fire King is the first comprehensive kitchen and bathroom electrical appliance manufacturing enterprise in China with complete independent research and development, production, sales and service capabilities. It is also one of the few domestic first-line domestic kitchen appliances exporters with completely independent intellectual property rights and independent brands. One of the high-end kitchen appliances suppliers.

Fire King range hood prices

Fire King Black Pearl F5 + 2QD / B range hood gas stove package 4560 Fire King Black Pearl FT range hood 5180 Fire King 3A tempered glass European range hood 3600 Fire King stainless steel F6 range hood 2736

Fire King CXW-218-3A color glass F2 4900

How about Fire King range hood

With an extraordinary course of 19 years, Fire King has won the "Golden Bridge Award" for national best-selling domestic products jointly awarded by the Ministry of Trade, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Electronics Industry, the Light Industry Federation, the Textile Federation, the National Technical Supervision, and the China Consumer Association. Dozens of domestic and foreign industries such as "Green Product Award", "China's Most", "Chinese Goods", "Guangdong Famous Brand", "Guangdong Famous Brand", "Famous Brands Trusted by Consumers", etc. Jackpot.

Fire King Hood Honor

China's first energy-saving and anti-pollution gas stove was born in Huowang

China's first crevice divergent cyclone fire cover gas stove was born in the fire king

China's first household gas stove with air cyclone was born in Fire King China's first dual-rotation fire built-in stove was born in Fire King

China's first Juyan cleaning gas stove was born in the fire king

China's first safety gas water heater with temperature display and automatic alarm was born in Huowang.

The two questions about the price of Huo Wang range hood and how about Huo Wang range hood, Xiaobian introduced here today, Huo Wang range hood is a famous brand of hood brand, so when you want to buy a range hood , Might as well consider the brand of Fire King.

Fire King range hood-Fire King range hood working principle

The range hood is installed in the upper part of the stove, connected to the power of the range hood, and driving the motor to make the wind wheel rotate at high speed, so that a negative pressure area is formed within a certain space above the stove, and the indoor range hood gas is sucked into the range hood. After filtering through the oil net, the first separation of oil fume is carried out, and then enter the inside of the air duct of the hood, and the oil fume is separated by the rotation of the impeller for the second time. Drops, collected into the oil cup through the oil path, the purified flue gas is finally discharged along the fixed path.

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