Multi-purpose study and cloakroom design "compulsory course" for small family

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Amy's ladies want to have a cloakroom, but in some small-sized homes, the room is not big enough. The multi-functional study and cloakroom design is a must-have course for our small family, and I want to be spacious in my own home. A study of the study and cloakroom is a good way to do so, not only saves room space but also beautifies our room. Now, let's take a look at the design of the multi-purpose study and cloakroom with the Chinese wardrobe net !

Multi-purpose study and cloakroom design recommendation 1:


Multi-functional study and cloakroom design

In order to make space use closer to living habits, the study and locker rooms are cleverly integrated. The storage space on both sides makes it easy to solve all the storage problems.

Multi-purpose study and cloakroom design recommendation 2:


Multi-functional study and cloakroom design

The bedroom has a small dressing room function that maintains a clean, clean space. The bedroom bed echoes the living room with environmentally friendly diatomaceous earth. The same materials are used in different areas and changed to more detailed brush marks, which is visually comfortable.

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