Plastic, ink, rubber special nano calcium carbonate production technology

Nano-calcium carbonate is a kind of special-purpose product with high added value. It is widely used in plastics, inks, rubber, papermaking and other industries with different crystal forms and particle sizes. Improve the electrical properties of plastic products, fire-retardant properties, heat-resistant properties and processing performance; rubber products, reinforcing properties; ink gloss, transparency, etc. have a significant effect. Compared with other similar functional products, it has the advantages of easy availability of raw materials, low cost, high whiteness, strong coloring power, no harm to living organisms, and wide selection of surface treatment agents. Therefore, the product has a broad application prospects and market prospects.

This technology adopts the traditional carbonization process route of ordinary light calcium. In the special carbonization equipment, plastics, rubbers, inks, papermaking, etc. are obtained through the use of different crystal control agents, different process conditions, and different activation treatments. With nano calcium carbonate. Production operations are traditionally simple and easy to master; product quality is good and cost is low. The nano-calcium carbonate used in plastics has met the industrial standards of West Germany's DIN and ENl07 plastic profiles. The nano-calcium carbonate used in rubber has reached the level of similar foreign products. The nano-calcium carbonate used in inks can replace the Baiyanhua OT imported from Japan, but the cost has been greatly reduced.

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