Correct use of loose powder to create the perfect light goddess makeup

Loose powder, also known as honey powder or makeup powder. Many MMs may have a personal experience. If you only use the foundation to create a base makeup, by the end of the afternoon, due to excessive secretion of oil, the face will begin to shine, which is very ugly. And loose powder is a magic weapon that you can save from this kind of shackles. Here's how to use loose powder properly. Let your life carefree.

1, choose loose powder

There are many kinds of loose powder, so the selection of loose powder has become a very important issue. Choosing the right thing will do more with less, and choosing the wrong one will have a negative effect.

2, loose powder tips

Don't be too anxious on the loose powder, you must let the foundation stay for a few minutes. If it is fixed, it should be loose powder, otherwise the loose powder will not achieve the desired effect.

Loose powder must be light and thin, but many MM think of the peach-like pink effect of the star, here to teach you a private trick. Take a paper towel, usually two to three layers, take one of them, in the area where you want to beat the powder, take a Powder Brush and brush it across the face, then remove the paper towel and shake off the excess on the paper towel. Loose powder. So reciprocate until you are satisfied. Through the filtration of the paper towel, it can filter the large particles in the loose powder, make the makeup light and thin, and can also say that a small amount of small particles adhere to the face, which makes the MM like a peach.

Loose powder does not mean that it is applied to the face, and a layer of loose powder should be applied around the eyes to prevent the eye shadow powder from falling. Also apply loose powder on the neck, behind the ears, etc., so as to maintain the coordination of skin tone.

Do not use too much loose powder for women with more wrinkles on the face, as the loose powder may precipitate and make wrinkles more prominent.

The best loose powder tool is a puff that is not a brush. Gently press the puff on the face, then roll left and right, repeat this action to make the powder last longer.

Loose powder can be used after the liquid foundation, or after painting the eyebrows, applying eye shadow and lipstick. It is recommended to use MM for oily skin twice, which can more effectively prevent the face from feeling greasy.

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