Uncover the mystery of the blackhead

For the girl who wants to remove the blackhead, the correct treatment is very important. Here are some tips for me to expose the blackheads , so that you can hold the victory further.

Wrong method one: use salt 搓

The Internet has prevailed a method of using salt to remove blackheads , which is said to be very effective. The specific method is: take a small spoonful of salt on the hand, mix it with a few drops of water, turn it into a thick liquid, then massage the liquid on the nose for a while, then wash it off and it will be OK.

This method seems simple, but the amount of water is extremely difficult to control. The water is added more, the salt is melted, no effect; the water is less, the pain is very painful, and the salt is not fine, it is easy to scratch the skin.

Wrong method two: squeeze by hand

When we look in the mirror, we can see the blackhead protruding from the nose and we can't help but squeeze it by hand. In fact, this is a very unsanitary method, because we have a lot of bacteria on our hands, which can easily lead to skin infections. And it is very difficult to squeeze out the stubborn blackheads with your fingers. You must squeeze them with your nails, hurting the skin and even leaving a mark.

Error method three: use a brush

Rubbing with a brush can exfoliate, but it is not very effective for blackheads. This is because the keratin is on the surface of the skin, but the blackheads are hidden in the pores. If you are not too strong and too aggressive, it will also scratch the delicate skin without horniness.

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