Hollywood's first-selling liquid foundation "Armani"

Armani luminous silk foundation silky liquid foundation - Armani's first-selling liquid foundation in Hollywood

The star product of Giorgio Armani, ultra-thin Micro-filTM technology gives the Armani Foundation series incredibly delicate and light. It has always been the only light and comfortable and free to feel when wearing Armani clothing, and now it can be enjoyed in Armani's beauty products.

    Mr. Armani has reduced his pursuit of apparel fabrics into an unparalleled patented Micro-filTM technology in cosmetics, so the Arminian Silk Foundation Luminous Silk Foundation has the thinnest texture to meet any of the most demanding makeup requirements. .

Different from the ordinary foundation, it will become thick, dull and even muddy. The soft natural liquid foundation can be layered repeatedly according to the needs of makeup. The makeup is still translucent and natural, without mask, and the other two Armani stars. The product FLUID SHEER sublimation liquid is combined with the BLENDER BRUSH purplish hair professional foundation brush to create a three-dimensional radiant facial shape.

Fashion "girl" Victoria Beckham also said when she mentioned her beauty secret: "When I left home, Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation was the only thing I couldn't use."

The full range of Luminous Silk Foundation softening foundations are available in 12 shades and a semi-coloured breakthrough for a fine selection. Among them, No. 4 and No. 5 are most popular in the Asian market, which can bring white and rosy skin, natural and healthy skin tone and skin texture.

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