What is the standard size for installing the swing door wardrobe door?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the home decoration, the wardrobe has become an indispensable part of every family life. Choose sliding door or swing door wardrobe? The flat door wardrobe design is actually a good choice, then the cabinet door installation What is the size standard?

Swing door wardrobe

Swing door wardrobe

The size of the closet door is often chosen according to the actual situation. For example, we can see that the width of a closet door is larger, which means that it will be larger according to the specified size. After the same size is large, we can guarantee that our opening space will be the largest to the greatest extent, and the visual effects that will be displayed to us will be more obvious. Therefore, a size is not only a problem that can be reasonably used, but also whether we can achieve an overall aesthetic effect.

The size of the swing door wardrobe, the hinge pressure of the swing door is not as good as the track, so the door panel of the swing door should not be too wide or too heavy. Sliding doors save space, but do not exceed 2.5 meters in height. The wardrobe door should be sealed to prevent dust from entering the contaminated clothing, so avoid using the louver door. The width of the swing door wardrobe door is preferably between 45-60 cm, and the width of the sliding door is between 60-80 cm.

For example, the size of the glass door that we all common is relatively small, usually within one meter and the height is about two meters. If it is a panel wardrobe door, then the size of its single door should not exceed one meter two, so as to ensure that it will not be inconvenient to use, but also to ensure that when we all use it, it will not Some deformations have occurred. When we choose the size, we also need to refer to the structure of the wardrobe and the function settings inside. If there are more functions of the wardrobe, then we all have to consider the size of the wardrobe. After all, different The size of the closet door is often very different for the use of our features.

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