Home Feng Shui Improves Year of the Monkey in 2016

People's life cares about wealth, health, career and marriage. Many people choose to ask their own fate when they choose to measure their fate. It is obvious that money is for one person and family. Important, but if a person's luck is not good, the moment will change the fortune. Here is a detailed analysis of the home feng shui to improve the Year of the Monkey in 2016.
As the saying goes, "It’s too old to be able to move the earth." The position of this year is too sacred. This sacred nature is accompanied by many taboos. For example, in the direction of the old age, the earth, the decoration, the marriage, etc. are all disrespectful to the old age, and it is easy to cause disaster. In 2016, the year of the Bingshen Year of the Monkey Year is southwest, so it is necessary to pay special attention to this position. It is best not to move in these two directions. It is necessary to be jealous of Tai Sui. If it is necessary to make renovations, it must be chosen in other days. After the construction is completed or basically completed, the construction is carried out in this orientation. If you do it at will, it will be easy to make too old, so good things will become bad things.
Second, improve the 2016 year of the monkey year, the year of the year is kept clean and tidy
The living room's too old position must be kept clean throughout the Year of the Monkey. It is not appropriate to place heavy objects under the age of too old. If the age is too clean, or if there are a lot of messy things, it means that disrespect to the age of Tai will affect the fortune of the family in wealth, health, and career. Too old to clean, keep clean. In addition, you can place a vigorous plant with a strong vitality and a rounded leaf in the direction of the old age, so that it can help the young and old, thus enhance the fortune.
Third, improve the year of the monkey year of the Year of the Monkey
Many people know that this year can be used to resolve the unluckyness of the birth year by "bringing red." “Reddish” usually refers to wearing a red string. The red string is considered to be a mascot for avoiding sin, eliminating disasters, or wearing red underwear, and the prevailing custom of wearing red underwear. In fact, it is not. In 2016, it was the Bingshen’s application for gold, but it was red. It is not recommended to wear red underwear. Hanging the red rope is not only useless but also destroys the fortune. It is recommended that the lords are placed in the too old age to dispose of the Taisui Tower, and the Taisui Tower is used for life. It is not necessary to change every year to be a feng shui treasure. It is healthy and safe every year, and the emotional marriage and wealth are smooth. It is the 2016 professionalized solution to the birth of the monkey monkey, the resolution of the pig snake tiger is too old, the strongest urge Wang Wenchang, this year's most prosperous Feng Shui. I don’t have to worry about being too old in the future.

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