How to buy electric kettle, analyze the purchase of electric kettle

Spring is the dry season, you must replenish water. Normally, you should drink eight glasses of water a day. Are you sure you are drinking enough water? Today, we mainly talk about electric kettles. For people who rent houses outside or singles, it seems to be a waste of water dispensers. Electric kettles are of course the best choice. Now, how do you decorate the electric kettle? Purchase .


Compared with the traditional kettle, the electric kettle not only saves time but also saves energy. In saving time, the same kettle of water, the traditional kettle is heated on the gas stove for about 10 minutes, and the electric kettle only takes 5 minutes.

How to buy electric kettle?

1. The electric kettles on the market now mainly include ordinary electric kettles, automatic temperature-controlled electric kettles, and automatic electric kettles with pneumatic water supply devices. If the family population is small, and they like to make tea regularly, brew coffee, cocoa. For consumers of beverages such as milk, it is best to choose a single-layer or double-layer ordinary electric kettle or an automatic temperature-controlled electric kettle.

2, according to their own circumstances and actual needs, generally 2-3 people can choose 1.2L ~ 1.5L electric kettle; 4-5 people can choose 1.8L ~ 2.0L electric kettle.

3. Check whether the quality of the kettle body and the installation of the electric heating pipe are good, whether the surface is smooth, whether the kettle body and the lid are matched, whether the plug and the socket are matched. It is also necessary to conduct a power-on test. The power is turned off about 5 seconds after the power is turned on, and the electric heating tube in the kettle is touched by hand, which should be slightly warm.

4. When purchasing an electric kettle, carefully check the signs and instructions of the electric kettle. The standard stipulates that the identification of the electric kettle should be complete, generally including the company name, address, model, specification, trademark, voltage parameters, power parameters, symbols of the nature of the power supply, and so on.

5. For the sake of consumer safety, regular manufacturers will not easily and unrestrictedly extend the power cord according to the convenience of consumers, so as to avoid potential safety hazards for consumers. Of course, too short is not enough.


6, look at the material, although the plastic kettle in theory is no problem. However, there will be a taste after the water has been stored for a long time, and recently there are many additives in the plastic, and to some extent, there is no stainless steel safety.

Everyone should remember to keep the kettle in a dry place when it is not in use to protect it from moisture. The above is about the issue of how to buy electric kettle, you can refer to it, I hope this article can give you some help, more knowledge of decoration materials, please pay attention to the decoration home decoration network material manual column!

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