Anti-counterfeiting ink imported products still account for a significant proportion

With the gradual establishment of the socialist market economy, the close integration of anti-counterfeiting technology and printing technology is of great significance in combating fake and shoddy products and regulating market order. The printing ink anti-counterfeiting technology has a very good development situation, and its application range has become increasingly widespread, and its benefits have also been getting better and better. Taking an anti-counterfeit ink with a wide range of applications as an example, it has been combined with many disciplines (such as optics, chemistry, electromagnetics, spectroscopy, etc.) to develop integrated ink anti-counterfeiting technology.

Anti-counterfeiting ink is a kind of special printing ink made by adding special anti-counterfeiting material to the ink's binder material. At present, the most widely used anti-counterfeiting inks are classified into 7 categories: (1) ultraviolet laser fluorescent inks; (2) sunlight-induced color-changing inks; (3) thermal security inks (thermochromic security inks or temperature-change security inks); (4) ) Chemical reaction color change ink; (5) Intelligent machine reading security ink; (6) Multi-functional or comprehensive security ink (laser holographic plus fluorescent security ink); (7) Other special inks (such as ovi light refraction security ink, etc.). These inks are characterized by the implementation of different external conditions (mainly using light, heat, spectral detection, etc.) to observe the color change of ink samples to achieve anti-counterfeiting purposes.

Based on research conducted by China Mint Co., Ltd., Beijing Deli Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Longchen Industry Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jinda Chemicals Trade Development Co., Ltd., and Bidiao Guoan Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. Can meet the needs of the domestic market. Domestic optical variable ink has the characteristics of dynamic discoloration difficult to copy, China 1999 edition. For 100 yuan, anti-counterfeiting technology using light-variable ink was used. The anti-counterfeiting mark was never copied by others in more than three years. At the same time, this light-variable ink is also widely used in various types of securities, trademarks, certificates, notes and product packaging printing anti-counterfeiting. However, imported anti-counterfeiting ink still occupies a considerable proportion. For example, train tickets printed by the Ministry of Railways have caused huge losses to the country due to fake tickets and altered tickets. It is said that they are equivalent to the two lines of the Beijing-Guangzhou line and Beijing-Harbin line. The total income of the section. Recently, the Ministry of Railways decided to change the number of new tickets, with a total of about 700 million printed tickets each year and 700 tons of paper, of which the ink is designed to use thermal inks from Mark Thermal Co., Ltd. Sensitive technology and ink rank the world's advanced level and are widely used in various anti-counterfeiting labels such as coinage, certificates, and cigarette packets. An important reason for relying on imports is that there is still a certain gap between domestic anti-counterfeit inks in terms of variety and quality compared with foreign advanced levels.

The development trend of anti-counterfeiting inks is: in terms of gravure inks, the goal is to increase production efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen environmental protection, and increase gravure-embossed handle; in the face of variable light inks, to improve light-transformation effects and reduce costs. The goal is to improve the performance of thermal sensitive materials and sensitivity to discoloration in the area of ​​thermal inks; in the aspect of ultraviolet laser fluorescence, the goal is to develop a system that develops inks while also developing detection instruments and related technologies. Improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of its machine reading; In the infrared ink, to develop a unique infrared transparent, infrared absorption material as the goal. These are also the focus of security ink innovations. (flying)

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