New PMC Technology "One Machine and Two Uses"

In 2004, PMC introduced the BarrierPlus plastic cup molding technology, which was commercially successful due to PROCAL's PicturePots flowerpot, and won the American Star and World Star packaging awards for its innovative, practical and novel features. .

The two-piece plastic container produced by the PMC1002P or PMC1300P molding machine has a good appearance effect of paper printing and a barrier property of the plastic. In the past, the similar printing effect of plastic containers was achieved only by in-mold labeling.

The PMC1002P and PMC1300P molding machines evolved from paper cup forming machines. Previously, customers were limited mainly to the fact that PMC1002P or PMC1300P molding machines can only produce plastic cups or plastic containers. PMC1002P and PMC1300P molding machines can only produce paper cups or paper containers.

PMC officially announced that the molding machine technology has been further developed. The same molding machine can produce both paper containers and plastic containers. The flexibility brought about by this technological leap is unprecedented.

“Many of our customers produce plastic packaging as well as paper packaging.” Mr Xu Shengquan, PMC’s representative office in Beijing, said, “Now, the same machine can produce both paper containers and plastic containers. It is a packaging company for both materials. For convenience and efficiency, it also brings more business opportunities for customers, especially for customers with narrow market scope and high equipment flexibility.

Plastics and papers have different characteristics and production processes in molding. However, the PMC1002 and PMC1300P molding machines can achieve good results on both materials. The success of ProCal's PicturePots flowerpot products for the past year has inspired PMC's further development in molding technology, which has met the need for “one machine, two use” of both paper and plastic materials in container molding.

At this point, low-cost, high-quality printing is no longer limited to paper containers. With BarrierPlus, packaging industry has a new packaging means to achieve the barrier properties of thermoforming and injection molding technology. The PMC1002P and PMC1300P are the best choices for our packaging needs today and tomorrow.

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