Jinan Drake Introduces High Frequency Stroboscope

Recently, Jinan Drick successfully launched high-frequency stroboscopes to meet the needs of high-speed printing in the flexible packaging industry. This product has already begun to be introduced to the market.

With the continuous advancement of printing technology, the printing speed of gravure printing presses is getting higher and higher, and ordinary speed stroboscopes can not meet the monitoring of printing quality. The market urgently needs high-speed stroboscopes to adapt to high-speed running equipment. Jinan Derek, which specializes in the research and development of experimental instruments, takes the market demand as its mission and successfully developed a high-frequency stroboscope on the basis of the original stroboscope. The equipment stroboscope uses a high-performance single-chip microcomputer as a processing unit, and a dedicated display chip drives the digital tube to display the flash number and working status per minute in real time, and the rotational speed is as high as 12,000 times per minute. And its small size, light weight, soft lighting, long lamp life, simple and convenient operation.

The instrument is widely used in packaging and printing industry, can detect high-speed printing process chromatography; ink color, die cutting, punching, folding and so on.

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