US milk powder: why a package of four prices

Milk powder has risen again. Recently, many mothers have noticed that Meisu Jiaer Golden Infant Formula Milk Powder has recently introduced new packaging and the price is even higher than before. Yesterday, Ms. Li reflected that the same formula was the same as Messin's formula 3 milk powder. The price was different on, supermarkets, and department stores. In addition, she found a total of four kinds of prices for new packaging. This made her suddenly low on the Internet. The source of the product has generated suspicion.

The most critical point is that Miss Li told reporters, "Customer service said that the new packaging price increases because of the optimization of the formula, but I carefully compared the old and new packaging formula table, I really did not see any difference."

A milk powder 4 kinds of prices?

Ms. Li said: “On September 22, I bought a can of 3 pieces of mesotherapy in the Amazon. It was 20% off at the time, as long as 158 yuan. After the National Day, I bought two cans in Amazon. The price was 10% off at 166 yuan.” Two days, she found in the mother's and children's stores near her home that all three segments of Meisu were replaced with new ones, priced at 199 yuan. In order to save money, Miss Li intends to continue to buy old packaging. He knows that the same old packaging was found. The prices at supermarkets and department stores are not the same, but they are all over 200 yuan. "The price difference is so far away. My first reaction was to worry that it is not the right goods to buy online. The price is good, but the question is whether we can continue to buy it."

Reporters in the market survey found that there is indeed a gap between the current price of the US Sujiaer formula milk powder in different channels. Take the 3 paragraphs reflected by Miss Li as an example. At a good supermarket in Jiangnanxi, the reporter saw that the price was 203 yuan, and the price of Guangbai was 205 yuan. The original price on the Amazon website is 185 yuan, and the current promotional price is 166 yuan, while the price in the 1st shop is 169 yuan. In addition, at present, the official guide price for the 3rd segment (new packaging) on ​​the official website of the US Sujiaer is 199 yuan.

Price confusion due to change packaging?

In response, the reporter called the customer service hotline of Mei Sujiaer yesterday. The other party stated that since the beginning of October, Meisoo Jiaer has fully optimized the formulation and packaging upgrades. The guideline displayed on the official website is the upgraded guide price, while the reporters saw old packaging products in supermarkets and online stores. the price of. "The actual prices of different regions or outlets will be slightly different on the basis of the guide price. Some online stores are engaged in promotional activities, so the prices will be more favorable."
Based on publicly available data and data, the reporter roughly estimated that the price of the 1-3 segment of Messador Jiaer had risen by approximately 7%-10% after the upgrade. In addition, the reporter also confirmed that the Amazon site is indeed its authorized business.

"Under normal circumstances, the difference between the price of different channels and the official guide price is about 10 yuan more than normal. If the difference is more than 20 yuan, it is likely to cause price confusion." A powdered milk agent told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter in private. He also pointed out that "every time the product is upgraded or replaced, the market price is often the most confusing". In the case of both new and used goods on the market, it is often difficult to sell used goods. Therefore, it is not ruled out that some dealers must reduce their prices and promotions in order to clear the goods quickly.

In fact, in addition to the price increase for Messador Jiaer's facelift upgrades in October, another “foreign milk powder” Karicare, which has just entered the Chinese market, also announced that it will raise the price of milk powder from one to three stages from October to October. The highest increase was 11.8%. According to industry analysts, as more and more “niche” imported infant formula products enter the Chinese market, they become the main force for a new round of price increase.

This reporter learned that in addition to Mead Johnson, Abbott, Wyeth, and Dumex, the four most famous domestic consumers of milk powder brands, in recent years, there are a number of minor milk powder brands that have originally belonged to the niche. For example, Semper from Sweden, Beauvais from Denmark, Mellin in Italy, Milupa in Switzerland, Aptamil in Germany, Gallia in France Li Ya), etc., almost all of these brands can be bought in online shops or mother-and-baby shops. There are even many parents who have introduced overseas milk powder through overseas friends through overseas friends. The brand purchased is even more alien to the Chinese people.

The data shows that the total amount of China's milk powder market is huge. In 2012, the sales volume is expected to reach 40-45 billion yuan, and the growth rate will be between 10% and 16%. Under this stimulus, many “niche” imported milk powders were overwhelmed and tried every means to enter the Chinese market.

A Mr. Zhang, a distributor with more than 10 years experience in the distribution of powdered milk, told reporters that once the “minority” imported milk powder is made larger, the investment will increase, the cost will increase, and the price increase will be an inevitable trend. “A lot of niche brands are initially introduced through online shopping or agents, and rely on word of mouth to do it slowly. Once it is done, it will surely find a way to enter the traditional supermarket channels, to the distribution channel costs, Fees such as market fees and publicity fees will increase, and the pressure for price increases will naturally increase,” said Mr. Zhang.

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