Today's color home color film, only do first-class home color film

With the development of living standards, people's requirements for quality of life have gradually increased. Improving the existing living environment is a matter of attachment to the Chinese who have a strong “home-based” cultural tradition. Therefore, home decoration has become another hot spot for people to consume. At present, the decoration rate of new residential buildings in the country has reached more than 90%. According to a sample of the first-tier cities in the country, the number of households currently preparing for renovation accounts for more than 41.3. The amount of expenses for residential decoration in the country is very large. This undoubtedly shows that the huge market of home decoration and home beauty industry is entering an unprecedented period of rapid development, and today's color film is based on the industry's leading brand position and high-quality products that can fully meet the needs of consumers. The calm market is on the rise again.

For the decoration of the home, the Chinese have always spared no effort, not to mention the era of quality and life in which this material is extremely rich. From hard decoration to soft decoration, it is the trend of the times, and the concept of home decoration consumption is undergoing tremendous changes!

With the concept of “neither wallpaper nor general wall paint”, Jin Cai Shi’s eco-home color film makes the “decoration family” shine. Under the premise that the traditional decoration mode and materials are questioned by safety, the home improvement market is in urgent need of a new type of material that can replace the traditional decoration materials and is safe and environmentally friendly and has excellent decoration effect. Today's color home film color film seizes the market opportunity, breaks through the traditional flat coating effect of the Chinese national equipment industry, and brings the foreign art decoration to China, which not only meets the needs of high-end consumers, but also meets the needs of the low-end market. Become the new darling of the decoration market. At the same time, this color family eco-cosmetic makeup film is a set of integrated home decoration solutions involving all aspects of home decoration. It has been upgraded to traditional home improvement, and has been widely used in floor heating projects, traditional wall paints and wallpapers, flooring, floor tiles, cabinets, wardrobes, glass, all kinds of countertop films and household appliances film.

After ten years of grinding a sword, after ten years of precipitation, the color film of today's eco-home eco-home has broken the gap between art and life, breaking the status of space art “Yangchun Baixue”, breaking the art must be expensive. Cognition breaks the limitations of traditional space soft-packing techniques, uses the highest molecular color crystal technology with the essence of art, and displays it in the interior space in a film form, and promotes the fashion trend to artistic creation. The unremitting exploration and practice of the membrane has achieved rich experience in product development, marketing and brand management, forming a common skill across the automobile, building appearance and furniture interior. A world famous painting, a fan of creative works can be easily brought into the family, the living room, commercial space from this space is no longer a simple splicing of the trend elements, this color family color film combines art and decoration into one, let home Full of culture.

Today's Cai family believes that the ideal home environment should be the perfect integration of life and art, the harmony of practicality and beauty. Because we always believe that each family's life is a culture of their own, they constitute a holistic cultural atmosphere, we live in it, accept the influence and influence others in our own way. Therefore, on the basis of respecting the building composition and practical functional requirements, the products of Jincai Family Color Films pay more attention to discovering and promoting the humanistic value of the home environment. Today's color home color film, only do first-class home color film.

Led Tables Feature:

1. Polyethylene (PE) is a kind of thermoplastic material, not easy to broken, suitable for long time delivery

2. Non toxic, safe for human healthy

3. Rechargeable battery and remote control

4. Multi-colors change & color selection

5. Anti UV & waterproof

6. Adopt the EPISTAR led chip to ensure the color quality and life time

7. Certificate: CE, ROHS, etc

8. Warranty: 1 year

Where to use for :

Bar, nightclub, golf club, disco, KTV, bistro, patio, pub, hotel, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, tea house, plaza, garden, entertainment park, amusement park, home, villa, swimming pool, wedding, party, events, decoration, design, project, rental/hire.

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