The taste is too light and it is also a misunderstanding of summer skin care.

Wrong one, no sun protection

Some people think that using sunscreen is too oily or too sticky, or that people have said that sunscreen ingredients contain many factors that will age the skin. In fact, our environment is getting worse and worse, and the small damage in the sunscreen ingredients is not enough to withstand the invasion of ultra-violet rays. The aging caused by strong ultraviolet rays in summer is even more terrible. It will not only make you tan and long spots, but also make wrinkles continue to grow and even cause more serious skin diseases. As for greasy, it is just your own concept. The new technology has made the new cool sunscreen products all over the high, medium and low, and can adapt to any skin type.

Wrong 2, cleaning is too hot

In summer, the metabolism of the skin is accelerated, the oil secretion is strong, and the dirty air always makes the skin look dull. Therefore, cleaning has become a skin care step that everyone pays attention to. With everyone's follow-up on home beauty gadgets, we are indeed washing our face more cleanly. However, if you wash too much, the stratum corneum will not peel off normally, it will only make the newborn skin accelerate and turn yellow. It is better to complete the daily care with the simple steps of “one cleansing once and clean once”, and then cooperate with regular deep cleaning. Let the skin spend the summer in a refreshing manner.

Error three, frequent exfoliation

With the exuberance of metabolism, the stratum corneum of our skin will be thicker in the summer than in other seasons, which makes many people increase the frequency of exfoliation, which is thought to make the skin breathe more smoothly. In fact, this practice is wrong. Excessive exfoliation is actually automatic removal of the protection. It is easy to make the skin sensitive and more vulnerable to external stimuli. At the same time, the skin lacks a keratinous network that locks in moisture and nutrients, making it easier for the skin to become dry and dehydrated and become fragile.

Error four, mask reduction

The hot weather will make people feel that the thick ground film pile will be very uncomfortable on the face, and it is easy to make people sweat, so many people will reduce the amount of mask used in the summer. But you will find that once the water is replenished, the oil will be oily. This is the sequela of summer water evaporation. In order to prevent the skin from being dry and dry, the mask must not be reduced. We recommend that you put the mask in the refrigerator to reduce the uncomfortable feeling at low temperatures, and you will fall back in love with the mask.

Mistake 5, less cream

In the summer, we only want refreshing hydration and don't want extra oiliness. This idea is correct, but it depends on whether your skin is healthy or not. If the stratum corneum is naturally thin or often peeled off abnormally, then its water-locking ability is not good, it needs oil to help lock the water, which means that after the hydration still needs a certain amount of cream to add a cover.

In order to avoid sweating in summer, many women are not willing to go outdoors, but choose indoors with air conditioning. If the air conditioner is turned on for a long time in the room, the air conditioner itself has a dehumidifying function, so that the air is relatively dry, and the blood flow is slow at a low temperature, the moisture and nutrients brought to the skin and hair are naturally reduced, the metabolism speed is slow, and the skin is Hair is also hurting. So, don't be greedy if you are hot again.

Error seven, the taste is too light

It is very correct to advocate eating less salt, but if you usually eat too light, you should eat more salt in the summer. Because the sweat is relatively high when the weather is hot, the sweat will take away a certain amount of salt, and at the same time, the skin locks down and the skin is damaged from the inside out. If you can't increase the taste, you can drink a cup of light salt water every morning to clear the stomach and salt.

Error eight, vegetables have no choice to eat more

Eating more vegetables does help our body, but in the summer, some vegetables should be taken with caution. For example, celery, coriander, and white radish are all “photosensitive” vegetables. These vegetables make the skin with long spots more likely to grow long. spot. In the summer season, you should eat more vegetables and fruits that inhibit pigmentation and make your skin white, such as kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, cabbage, cauliflower and so on.

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