Talking about the Characteristic Application of Digital Printing

Digital printing equipment frequently appeared in major printing exhibitions. Its eye-catching and bright logos, beautiful and stylish appearance, and advanced and innovative technologies attracted everyone's attention. A wave of digital printing is sweeping the world printing industry.

For digital printing, people have never known and experienced knowledge, understanding and familiarity. Now they have entered the stage of application. However, there is still a certain gap between domestic application levels and foreign countries. Therefore, we should learn and learn from the successful experiences of foreign countries, but we also need to selectively learn from China's national conditions. In the initial stage of this application, because the domestic market lacks a digital printing exchange platform, practitioners are groping for the future. Uncertainty about the future leads practitioners to lose their way on the way forward: some people stop the pace of innovation. , Turning to continue to do the original business, some people are not willing to fail, find another way, more people are spinning in place, stagnation.

The purpose of holding the "Digital Printing in China" Technology Summit Forum and the "Couric Cup" Digital Printing Works Grand Prix is ​​to build an exchange platform for domestic digital printing practitioners to communicate the latest technology and trends of digital printing and share the benefits of digital printing companies. Successful experience brings new application implications for digital printing companies. The evaluation of the Grand Prix also puts innovative applications as the primary criteria for selection because the improvement of technology can be achieved through relatively simple means, and the application of innovation is the fusion of ideas and experience, refinement and sublimation. In order to further explore the application of digital printing in China, we specially invited several representative winners of this Grand Prix - Wuhan Caifeng Digital Graphic Express Output Center (hereinafter referred to as Caifeng) as deputy general managers. Regional Director Hu Yonghua, Hangzhou Wenkang Printing Company (hereinafter referred to as Wenkang) General Manager Fan Congming and Shanghai Long Ying Plate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Long Ying) deputy general manager Cai Zhirong, talk about their current views on the status of China's digital printing applications.

Positioning to be accurate

With the popularity of digital printing concepts in China, the digital printing market is gradually being opened, and more and more customers are beginning to accept digital printing products and have created new demands. Huge profits and market space have attracted a large number of people, and even some people outside the printing industry are rushing in. As most people are concentrated in the same market competition, the price war has intensified and the market competition has become increasingly intense. However, in the fierce competition, a number of outstanding digital printing companies have also emerged. They have a clear understanding of the market and have a clear understanding of their own advantages. Therefore, they have found a suitable position and have gone beyond the price war.

Caifeng used to be a professional export company. In the course of development, the company has grown. With the changes in market demand, the company has identified digital printing as a key development direction in the future, and quickly established a total of 7 stores in Hubei and Shanghai. Talking about the application of digital printing, Hu Yonghua pointed out that the current application of digital printing is very wide, but the company's positioning should be accurate, but also suitable timing. Caifeng has a slogan “Colorful Peaks Creates a Digital Printing Production Base for You” in all branches and stores, making the company’s clear positioning deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Caifeng mainly serves advertising companies, printing plants, and business customers. Business printing is the main business, and "traditional" express printing services such as architectural graphic output are rarely carried out. In addition to the positioning of the business, the positioning of the market is also very important. According to Hu Yonghua, when Cai Feng first opened a branch in Shanghai, he saw that there was a gap in the Shanghai fast printing market, that is, a large number of fast printing shops in the market served the graphic industry, and a small number of fast printing companies were positioned. In the case of high-end customers, the demand of the middle part of the customer was not satisfied. This market opportunity eventually led Caifeng to gain a firm foothold in Shanghai, where Shanghai Express Printing is highly competitive.

Digital printing equipment continues to be innovative, technology content is getting higher and higher, and functions are gradually improving, which lays the foundation for broadening the application of digital printing. Many digital presses now have reached the level of industrialization. Long Ying is positioned in industrialized production. Cai Zhirong introduced the process of company selection and positioning to reporters in detail: First, the company divides digital printing into five categories: first, art, including copying and cable printing; and second, personalized products, such as Desk calendar, calendar; Third, publishing, such as a sample book; Fourth, business categories, such as recipes, tenders; Fifth, database printing. They believe that due to China's national conditions, the field of database printing is very difficult to be involved; personalized products, although the application is very wide, but the actual application involves the problem of cost of sales; art has limitations, high and low songs ... through continuous research And summing up, Long Sakura has gradually eliminated the business that is not suitable for the company, and ultimately locked its target at a truly industrialized digital printing base.

Wenkang is positioned as a comprehensive printing company and provides customers with a full range of services. There are not only graphic and text services such as advertising planning, engineering drawings and renderings that most digital printing companies can do, but also traditional color printing, and a few others. Printing companies involved in variable data printing and security printing. This has made Wenkang one of the few comprehensive printing companies in Hangzhou that can provide a full range of unlimited print services.

Application to innovate

Taking "positioning" as a base point, taking it as the center and goal, carrying out the company's business and expanding the related application fields, this is the principle and key point of the work of digital printing companies. At present, in the digital printing market, in addition to well-known digital printing businesses such as business quick printing, personalized products, and on-demand printing, there are still some businesses in the development and development stages. They are likely to become digital printing in the future. The main direction of application.

Digital printing under the network

The emergence of the Internet has completely changed people's lives, and at the same time promoted the development of various industries. This change and promotion are more reflected in services. Similarly for the printing industry, the addition of network elements also enables printers to provide customers with a wider range of value-added services.

Long Sakura began to try network printing very early, and combined digital printing with network printing, and launched a commercial printing platform this year. IT technology and digital technology will be combined to eliminate the bottlenecks in personal personalization and business transfer. Cai Zhirong said that since it is trying, it will encounter many problems, such as the vectorization of text, the reproducibility of colors, the transmission and preservation of documents, and other technical issues, as well as logistics and distribution issues. Long Sakura said that in the future, it will increase investment in this area, continue to research and development, realize the final production process as soon as possible, and apply the concept of JDF to production.

In order to improve the company's overall process, Caifeng has specifically established Wuhan Yinwang Technology Co., Ltd. This network company is mainly responsible for research and development of printing-related products, such as online storage space, transmission software. In addition, Wuhan Printing Network will also produce processes based on digital printing applications. This process includes a billing system and an online transmission system, with a professional printing interface, and customers can print directly through the Internet.

Variable data printing

The demand for variable data printing in the digital printing market is increasing, and the scope of application of variable data printing has gradually expanded to direct mail, lottery printing, charging details, and trademark printing. The premise of developing a variable data printing business is the establishment of a standardized database and good database management. In addition to telecommunications, a monopolistic industry, it has established a very well-established database. Other companies need to help printers establish databases suitable for their printing equipment. Both Long Sakura and Wenkang carry out this business. They will first establish a database for the customer, be responsible for keeping the customer's data, and then perform variable data printing.
Fan Congming believes that in the field of variable data printing, the advantages of digital printing are far greater than traditional printing. However, traditional printing can achieve cost evasion based on different business characteristics. Therefore, traditional printing can be combined with digital printing, which can not only reduce costs, but also ensure that digital printing is convenient, flexible, and instant in variable data printing. specialty.

Security printing

The functions of the digital press in the market are now relatively complete, and many applications can be completed by different machines. However, there are some highly specialized areas, such as security printing, which have a high demand for digital printing equipment.

Wenkang was positioned in a comprehensive printing company, so when investing in NP 2100, considering that the fifth unit of the NP 2100's five-color machine had a strong advantage in anti-counterfeiting, the NP 2100 was introduced. Mr. Fan Congming said that even if the investment cost of five-color machines is much higher than that of four-color machines, the security printing business is difficult for other digital printers. The investment in new equipment further improved the scope of Wenkang's services.

Artwork copy

Art reproduction is derived from traditional businesses. It is closely related to the development of traditional businesses and the categories of traditional businesses. In this "Critics Cup" digital printing works Grand Prix, works of art for reproduction have won many awards, and the judges also praised such works.

Long Sakura used CTP to make art albums and got customer recognition. Based on this, Long Sakura turned his attention to the use of digital printing for artistic reproduction. Cai Zhirong said that with the accumulation of technology, technology, and experience, it is natural to carry out art duplication business. The use of digital printing technology is due to the fact that digital printing can achieve "using stylish technology and creating traditional documents." Especially printed on rice paper, it can express the effects of ink and wash.

To make rice paper digital printing requires two conditions: one is the control of color, and the other is the quality of the image. The high-precision digital back can clearly reproduce the details and levels of the entire screen. Not only is it free from roughness and graininess, but also the color reproduction is better.

To choose in the future

What is the mainstream application of digital printing in the future? In this regard, each respondent has his own set of theories.
Hu Yonghua: The future of digital printing is based on the network and e-commerce.
Based on the positioning of “creating a digital fast printing production base”, Caifeng will divide its future production operations into four major segments: digital output center, digital quick printing center, network printing service center and CTP technical service center. Hu Yonghua believes that the future of digital printing is based on the network and e-commerce. Therefore, Caifeng will actively expand the business of the network printing center and use the network to realize online services such as online orders, online submission of prints, and remote proofing.

Cai Zhirong: The price competition in the first round of domestic digital printing has ended, and the second round of competition will be about application competition.

Digital printing is undoubtedly the future development trend in China. With the continuous subdivision of demand and further market regulation, digital printing will have a vast living space. Cai Zhirong pointed out that the history that is usually passed in developing countries is often a replica of the developed countries' journey. Therefore, the development history of digital printing in developed countries has a certain reference effect for domestic digital printing companies. At present, the price competition in the first round of domestic digital printing has ended, and the second round of competition will be about application competition. Long Ying’s current focus is on network printing, but in order to adapt to changes in the entire market, Long Cherry will open up wider applications.

Fan Congming: The digital printing market is getting bigger and bigger, and we must occupy the market with high-quality printing.

Regarding the future trend of the digital printing market, Fan Congming believes that the market for digital printing will become larger and larger. Wenkang will occupy the market with high-quality printing. In addition, since the production of Wenkang includes three different business fields: traditional printing, graphic printing and digital printing, it is very important to establish a management model that is suitable for the characteristics of the culture and production processes. In this regard, Fan Congming said that Wenkang will work hard to integrate the company's production and explore a harmonious management road to lay the foundation for building chain stores in the future.

Conclusion <br> The future of digital printing in China is infinitely bright, but no one can predict the future direction of digital printing. Although we can be successful

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