Summer home "clear" loaded

In the continuous high temperature days, many people who love “home” are even more lazy to go out. However, the high temperature of the fume in the kitchen, the bright sun of the balcony window, the heavy furniture in the bedroom... also made a lot of house men and women screaming. How to “finely adjust” our home space and layout in the hot summer? According to industry interior design designers, there is no need to be bold, just do some small adjustments and soft decoration changes in the living room, bedroom, balcony and other spaces, you can "cool down" a lot of home. If the financial ability allows, and then with some fresh furniture or partial modification, it will make the cool summer more happy. In this issue, let us collect some inspiration from the home improvement designer to cool the space.

Balcony renovation:

Arrange green planting area, pay attention to wall waterproofing

The balcony is generally connected to the living room or bedroom. In the summer, the balcony is covered with a layer of vine plants, which can effectively block the sun, block the heat into the room, and make the room full of forest-like green and cool. In the summer refreshment plan, designer Huang Li is very concerned about the role of accessories, she said: "Accessories can play a finishing touch." Green radish, ivy, white roses, lilies are the most common decoration for summer balcony conversion, layout When planting green plants, attention should be paid to the sense of staggered space in the balcony. At different heights and positions, plants can be placed in various ways such as hanging, swinging and hanging. Furniture such as grilles and high back chairs can be placed, plants can be decorated on the laminate, and chairs can be used for rest. Pay attention to the white space when placing the plants. It is best not to put every place in full.

“The decoration style of the balcony is usually similar to that of the interior. In summer, I want to change the style of the balcony. I can use the waterproof garden wood to spread it on the balcony to increase the sense of layering and pastoral style.” Huang Li suggested that such wooden flooring can be directly purchased from the building materials market. Paving can be done. If there are already tiles on the balcony, you can also lay the floor directly; however, make sure the floor is level before laying. Since the inner wall of the balcony may be covered with green plants, this part is best to be waterproofed, otherwise the wall will be damp and the wall peeling off due to frequent watering. If the number of green plants on the balcony is large and the amount of water is large, it is best to apply a layer of waterproof paint to the wall.

{page; bedroom renovation}

Multi-functional cool bar, easy to remove

In many small and medium-sized units, the bedroom is generally small. If a set of leisure tables and chairs are placed in the bedroom, it not only takes up space, but also has low utilization rate. Therefore, in the summer, a small multifunctional space can be created in the bedroom to give a refreshing and comfortable feeling.

“The bedroom can be equipped with a high bar stool and a small bar style with a connected desk. This kind of furniture is easy to install, can be found in the home store and online, suitable for surfing the Internet, playing games, drinking coffee. It should be noted that during installation The corresponding network cable and wires should be reserved in a suitable location for convenient use. If the house has been renovated, it is best to use the cable to pull the cable to ensure that the space is clean and comfortable. Lightweight, you can move to other spaces at any time.” Designer Yang Pengpeng also suggested that in the summer, changing a set of cool color bedding can basically change the style of the bedroom. In addition, some practical and interesting gadgets, such as storage racks, old-fashioned fans, and fresh green plants, can also provide a fresh sense of vision.

Living room renovation:

Blackout curtains, rattan wrought iron furniture "on the battle"

The living room is generally large in area and good in permeability. If there is a window space, it is suitable for a cool and relaxing place. If you have a bay window, put a foldable cushion and put a few soft pockets to make it a resting space.

Whether it is a bay window or a platform, summer curtain decoration is essential. On the one hand, the curtains have the effect of blocking the heat; on the other hand, the light-weight, fresh-colored window trim will give the living room a light and cool atmosphere. Summer curtain decoration should not be complicated, tassels, folds and other elements are less used; should choose solid color or light color, avoid the adsorption of sunlight to raise the indoor temperature; the material should not be too thick, silk, blended, gauze are good choices.

Cool down the living room, you can also choose some rattan, bamboo furniture or Chinese spring and autumn chairs to increase the breathability, and take advantage of the natural materials to bring extra refreshment. Designer Wu Fei said: "In the decoration of the room, the choice of cool rattan products can bring a comfortable experience. Put a rattan basket at the end of the bed to place some bedding, cool storage, and still In the color of the neutral room, the ingenious weaving of moderate density makes people feel cool in the summer.” In addition, add some auxiliary wrought iron furniture to the living room, put it around the sofa, or create a separate space. A small recreation area can be placed to get close to the coolness.

Kitchen renovation:

An open dining table between the kitchen and the living room

In the summer, the kitchen is a “high temperature zone”. The separation of the kitchen and the kitchen is a practical way to enjoy the coolness without decoration. If it is an open kitchen, you can use a small dining table in the shared area between the kitchen and the living room. You can usually accommodate guests, work from home, or eat as a small dining table.

The designer suggested that the enclosed kitchen can have an open dining table in the corner of the living room, adding a lot of fun to the living room. It is also a good idea to change the table. The transparent dining table made of tempered glass gives a cool feeling to the touch, and is easy to clean and not easy to hide. The colorful kettles and tableware are filled with cool atmosphere, which makes people feel relaxed. In addition, it is best to check or replace kitchen appliances that are more powerful and older in the kitchen, such as range hoods, gas stoves, and refrigerators. Old electrical appliances generally have higher power, are more expensive, and are prone to noise, which makes people feel annoyed; in summer, there are more electrical appliances. If the electrical appliances are aging, it is easy to burn out.

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