Subtle collision of dark blue and light orange in winter

Dark blue and light orange, with a little fresh and fresh in the maturity, with a hint of enchanting in the fresh, this is the uniqueness of this makeup, the shallow pink orange lips, stubbornly slight, unwilling to be ordinary days, hope You can have a little surprise every day.

Winter color subtle collision of dark blue and light orange

The base makeup can no longer pursue the clarity. If you need to conceal your skin tone, you can choose a foundation with a concealer effect. The brush will be more natural.

First use orange to make a base, apply a large area to the eye socket, the closer to the root of the eyelash, the deeper it is.

The blue eye shadow is applied close to the root of the eyelashes. The thick one is like drawing an eyeliner. Note that the gap between the eyelashes should be filled.

Winter color subtle collision of dark blue and light orange

Sephora four-color eyeshadow

It can help you easily smudge the eye makeup that is very layered. Whether you want to present a harmonious transition or look for a contrasting effect, it will satisfy your changing needs and make your eyes shine. Pure and long-lasting color, wet and dry, can be used to draw eye shadow and eyeliner at the same time.

The mascara is also blue, black or brown will appear abrupt, the upper and lower eyelashes should be applied.

The same orange blush, a touch of light, no need to be as thick as the stage play.

Winter color subtle collision of dark blue and light orange

RMK feminine blush

Sleek powdery rouge products, excellent hair color, gently sweeping to add a healthy, vivid expression to the face, in addition to the light color as the main color, there are also shades of brown color and color used for light and shadow You can mix and match according to your personal mood and occasions with different colors.

Powder orange lipstick, can be touched with your fingers, apply a little, so the effect of the application is natural and sexy.

Beautifully made ultra-hydrating clear fruit lip balm

Designed for women's ivory complexion, the color is clear and moist, lining the skin; adding natural nutrients such as Hawaiian macadam nuclear oil and wheat bud oil, which combines the soft texture of lip balm and exudes natural luster. Add a variety of precious maintenance ingredients to the ingredients, with rare glucose hesperetin, so that the lip color is not easy to dull, and then add collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and Q10 to enhance long-lasting moisturizing and anti-oxidation! A total of nine colors.

Children Face Mask

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