Screen printing and membrane switch applications

Membrane switch is one of the few independent products that can be used for screen printing in the high-tech field.
Membrane switches have a decorative function and a marking function that are provided by a conventional panel. Besides a switch element and a switch function of the switch element, the thin film switch also has a switch connection and a lead line (that is, a switch circuit) function that connects the switch element and the host circuit. With the readings showing the transparent window and the indicator light transparent window function, the membrane switch is neither a single new type of panel nor a single switch element, but an electronic whole product set with functions and decorations is a novel electronic device.
Since the membrane switch has the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful appearance, excellent environmental resistance, long service life, lightness, thinness, shortness, and smallness, it conforms to the direction of high integration and high-intelligent development of modern electronic devices. The favor of technology products.
Strict quality inspection system in the membrane switch quality inspection work in addition to concern about the color of the ink and the color reproduction required by the customer, but also more important must pay attention to the intrinsic quality of the membrane switch, such as the key force, life, peel strength And high temperature, low temperature, constant damp heat and loop resistance, insulation resistance, pressure and other testing indicators. Third, the high-tech screen printing thinking screen printing into the high-tech membrane switch manufacturing technology in addition to the above content, there are many new content that is different from the traditional screen printing, such as membrane switch circuit computer-assisted Design (CAD) and manual wiring design; design of insulation window and air duct; application of insulating ink and ultraviolet (UV) curing; application of non-metallic conductor carbon paste; high-tech computer digital control (CNC) electronics The working environment and storage environment of the automatic focusing precision punch press for the membrane switch. Obviously we should be based on the working environment and storage environment of the membrane switch. Obviously, we should consider the membrane switch's structural design and material selection according to the working environment and storage environment of the membrane switch.
Today's screen printing has developed into a new multi-disciplinary modern screen printing technology integrating optical, mechanical, electrical, chemical, photochemical, microelectronics, and computer technologies.
Membrane switch technology in the production of the panel layer both the reproducibility of the color in the traditional screen printing, the color rendering of ink, which is the traditional screen printing decoration function, in the production of its circuit layer must also pay attention to the circuit The high-tech content is obvious because of its conductive properties, prevention of oxidation of silver paste circuits, migration of silver ions, multilayer interchange circuits, and the reliability of membrane switch products.

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