Printronix Matrix Printer Adds New Members

It is reported that Printronix, the inventor of the global supply chain global printing solution provider and line printer, has launched a new line of printer products with 200 lines per minute in the Chinese and Korean markets. The launch of the series expands the P7000 line of products. Printronix designed the P7002H and P7202H to provide supply chain and back-office personnel with a new choice that is more reliable and cost-effective than traditional needles.

Andrew V. Scherz, Product Manager, Printronix Product Line, said: “Principal's leadership in brand design and product strategy has led to once again demonstrating its leadership and tradition in providing industrial-grade printing solutions to Chinese and Korean customers. Advantages of needle punching compared to centralized printing P7002H This beats the core features of all P7000H series products – more stable and reliable, lower running costs, higher print quality, 20% longer ribbon life, and operational improvements Other new designs bring investment protection to our customers."

Printronix launched the P7000 series in the United States, the European Union, the Middle East and Africa in July 2005. The company launched P7000H series products in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam in November 2005, thus perfecting the company's product line. This series of printers can better adapt to the complexity of many Asian languages ​​and more accurately recognize the nuances of text shapes. The P7X02H product now available expands the P7000H product family to include products with lower print speeds.

Printronix continued to understand its printing needs through cooperation with users in China and South Korea, and found that many users were using traditional needles to complete the print job. It would be better if these jobs were done by a line printer. The overwhelming burden of needles and high operating costs cause users to waste money and resources, and continuous print requests cannot be guaranteed. Printronix expanded the P7000H product line to low-speed products to provide these users with a full line of line printers to meet their printing needs.

Compared with traditional high-speed needles, P7002H has the following more attractive features:

· Competitive prices - great value for money

Low operating costs - 10 times cheaper daily supplies

Durable and Durable - Increases efficiency and is more suitable for large-scale centralized printing tasks.

· Stable and reliable - The whole machine has no trouble working hours: 10000 hours

- The print head can hit 1.5 billion times without failure

Full-featured - Features all the P7000 family's strengths, including hardware and software.

Source: Printronix

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