1, the color image must be CMYK format.
2. If there is no special screening request for the EPS format image, do not select the Include Halftone Screen item when saving the EPS file.
3, whether there is a spot color, spot color is imprinted.
4. When Freehand software is used, the document settings are strictly in accordance with the finished product size, whether the bleeding is set, and whether the bleeding is set correctly.
5, freehand font font effects such as Heavy, Outline, Pagemaker in Chinese and English fonts do not use "hollow", "shadow", and other effects, Chinese characters must not use "bold" effect, or easy to appear paste characters.
6. When Pattern is used to fill in Freehand3, only 100% of C, M, Y, K or solid color combinations can be used in the field.
7. Whether the black edition has been properly designated for imprinting, and whether there are gray nets in the document.
8, text, do not use spaces to locate, otherwise the text is prone to running phenomenon.
9, do not use the system provided fonts, such as "Kai", "Hei", "Song", "Beijing".
10. When mixing English and Chinese, do not define English words in Chinese characters. It's easy to run out of j text, and the characters are squeezed together.
11. Whether a special font is used, if any, the "true type" font file should be copied to the output center.
12, with a complete department of the output file, in particular the original Photoshop file on the page all the images.
13, to provide all the fonts.
14, contact the printing factory to determine the number of film lines. .

Source: PACK.CN

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