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Color is the most sensitive factor in visual performance. The processing of color occupies a very important position in the packaging design. The overall effect of color needs to be eye-catching and individualized. It can capture the eyes of consumers and can produce different feelings through the symbol of color to achieve its purpose.

In the visual manifestation of packaging design, the commonness and individuality of color have their own independent connotations, and they also take care of each other and combine with each other. Impairing the individualized performance of color style is tantamount to weakening the market competitiveness of its products. However, if the color performance of a product is out of the foundation of most people's common understanding, or can not evoke people's feelings of achieving a certain commercial purpose, this Individuality that is completely separate from certain commonalities is unsuccessful even if it is unique. It is necessary to have a certain commonality typical, but also have a unique personality, this packaging can be invincible in the market competition.

The personality of packaging colors is reflected in the following aspects:


This is the biggest difference from the colors used in general painting. All kinds of commodities have certain common attributes. Medical supplies and entertainment supplies, food and hardware supplies, cosmetics, and cultural and educational supplies have great differences in attributes. The same kind of products can also be subdivided, for example, medical supplies are different from traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, therapeutic medicine, tonic medicine, and general medicine. In this regard, the color processing should be specifically treated, and the color sensory elements (physics, physiology, and psychology) should be used to strive for the performance of typical personalities. For example, use blue and green for anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, and sedative drug packaging colors; use red and brown for nourishing drug packaging colors.


As the variety of products is becoming more and more intense and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the visual performance of sales packaging has become increasingly important in advertising. Of course, color processing is an important aspect. The obscureness and subtlety of color effects are only negative, so attention must be paid to the sharpness of the large color composition relationship. Such as "Fuji" film, a large white and green contrast and a bright red white background, so that a small film box still does not lose a good advertising effect, white light to maintain the product's attribute ideas. Another example: Coca-Cola's packaging image has become an international language. Vivid red and white colors have produced a strong advertising effect, and at the same time the performance of the product.


1 specific color

Some of the colors in the packaging design should be color-matched according to their attributes, but the color of the screen will be in general. Designers often go against it and use anti-conventional colors to make the packaging of their products stand out from similar products. The processing of colors makes us visually more sensitive and more impressive.

2 trendy colors

Popular colors are the colors of the fashion of the times, that is, fashionable and fashionable colors. It is the information of the commodity designer and the signal of international trade dissemination.

When a certain color tends to be generalized, people feel a lack of new stimuli and charm, but also need a certain kind of different visual features. This feature has been imitated and popularized. The use of fashion colors in modern packaging design does bring more and more economic benefits to the product. The vast number of entrepreneurs with great insight have attached great importance to the role of color. Each year, the popular colors released by the International Fashion Color Association are based on the characteristics of the international situation, market, and economy. The purpose is to give people a balance between their hearts and atmosphere, so as to create a harmonious and soft environment.


The changes in the heart produced by color vision are very complex. They vary according to time and area, or differ according to individual judgment. All countries and nationalities have formed different color customs due to social background, economic conditions, living conditions, traditional customs, customs, and natural environments.

For example, in China, red has a soft spot since ancient times, and it has been celebrated as a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness in red, such as National Day, Spring Festival, small personal marriage, and birthday. Holiday gifts are often colored in red.

Yellow is the special color of our country's feudal emperors, symbolizing sacred, solemn, and authoritative. It represents the center. Used in the packaging for food color, it gives a rich, sweet, crispy feeling, is a color that can cause appetite.

Green is the color of vegetation in nature. It is the color of green life and symbolizes nature and growth. The green color near yellow represents a sense of youth, symbolizing spring and growth; the fresh green color is the color of chlorophyll, which will give rise to appetite. It symbolizes peace and security. The color of tea leaves is mostly green.

The meaning of blue is calm, long, quiet, rational, and far-reaching. It also represents the East.

In addition, some countries or regions have certain taboos regarding color. For example: France's taboo is dark green, it is reminiscent of Nazi military uniforms and it produces disgust; people in desert areas are used to seeing wind and darkness, and yellow sand is long and long, and yellow. It is customary to meet the oasis only after a difficult journey, meet the water, food, and human society needed for survival, and thus cherish the green in particular; the minaret of Islamic teaching, the national flag of the Aberdeen people are all decorated in their cherished green. And symbol, taboo yellow. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the preferences and taboos of color in various countries and regions. In particular, the color processing on the packaging of import and export commodities should be adapted to the national conditions so as to increase the competitiveness of products in the international market.

Nowadays, the depth, breadth, and durability of market competition are all unprecedented. Whether it is all-round long-term planning or seizing the opportunity. When the situation is determined, everything is based on whether or not the company has “surplus value”. Fierce market competition has driven the development of production and consumption, and at the same time it has inevitably promoted the renewal of corporate marketing strategies. Of course, packaging has been placed in an important position. The application of color, merchandise, advertising, uniqueness, and nationality are the manifestations of the individualization of packaging. The individuality of color will inevitably enhance the visual impact of packaging and play a role in promotion, which will greatly increase the market competitiveness of its products.

Source: Shenzhen 0755 Advertising Design Company

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