New Year's new game can tear the Rubik's Cube calendar

If you are choosing a calendar for the upcoming New Year, check out The Cube Calendar by Philip Stroomberg. It consists of hundreds of dates-printed cardboard, two screws that join the cardboard to form a cube-like whole, and it really needs to be played by you - tear off the cardboard of the corresponding date every day, a veritable "time from the fingers slip". However, such an interactive design is no stranger to us, and the old Huangli of the traditional days of the heavens is also torn away every day.

Black and white color matching, only one type of font, the overall simplicity makes The Cube Calendar perfect for harmony with the surrounding environment, whether at home or on the desk.

A detailed design, put together four calendars, just to spell out the full name of the product.

The Cube Calendar has won the Silver Award in the 2012 International Design Awards and the Bronze Award in the 2013 European Design Awards. A few days ago, the new 2014 The Cube Calendar is open for booking.

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Sand Timer

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