New materials are born

Anhui Kona New Materials Co., Ltd. independently developed rutile phase titanium dioxide nano-powder and silver-loaded copper inorganic antibacterial nanopowder two new materials, recently passed the identification of new products organized by the Anhui Provincial Economic and Trade Commission. The particle size, specific surface area and shape of the rutile titanium dioxide nanopowders can all be artificially controlled, non-toxic and safe, and can be widely used in additives of cosmetics, coatings and the like, and have good dispersion, weather resistance and ultraviolet shielding ability. The KN2000 series of new-generation silver-loaded copper inorganic antimicrobial nanopowder has long-lasting and stable bactericidal action. Its total toxicological index, antibacterial rate and heavy metal content all reach national standards, and can be widely applied to solve inorganic antibacterial nanopowders added to other products. The problem of discoloration of mothers.

We are a professional Taiwanese-founded screw manufactory.

Our Taiwanese management system has controlled strictly for quality and delivery.

Our nicely service for all customers can let them worry about nothing.

We have not only stable quality, but competitive prices, because we are the real manufactory!

Our factory was established in October 2010 in Shenzhen China.

We are specialized in designing and producing screws, nuts, washers, pins and etc. for eyeglasses and watch.

We also have trading items for all repairing parts of Eyewear, for example, Nose Pads, grommets, temple, tip, etc.

We develop different new plastic products for customers, for example, the Blue Delux Kit, Nylon Wire Kit, Vials Stands, etc.

We think more for our customers, and we do respect all of our customers, and keep 100% confidential for all of information of them.

We are proud to be the strong support of customers!

We'll be the best supplier of our customers!

We'll be the best business friends of customers!

We'll keep do the best for customers!

Organized Bags

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