Middle-aged and elderly people practice yoga as a chronic strain


There are many similar yoga rooms in Chinese cities. The beauty and elegance of yoga have made many people fall for it, and it has quickly become a popular fitness sport for the public. However, in recent years, injuries in yoga practice have often occurred. Netizens refer to these diseases as " yoga disease " because of the pain in yoga practice . Many medical experts have listed " yoga disease " as a new disease.

Middle-aged and elderly people practice yoga, beware of chronic strain

Many yoga rooms promote " Yoga has no age limit " . So after the white-collar workers, more and more middle-aged and older people began to join the ranks of practicing yoga, so Ms. Lai. When she retired, she felt that she was at home and was flustered. She participated in yoga practice under the persuasion of her friends. After the first day of training, she felt sore. She had thought that it would be natural to practice for a few more days, but after a while, her symptoms not only did not improve, but also a lump in the knee joint, especially at night. Later, she went to the hospital for examination and she was diagnosed with a joint meniscus cartilage tear.

In fact, once you are over 30 years old, people should be cautious when practicing yoga. “ Normal bones begin to degenerate after the age of 25. Many of the yoga postures are stretched and reversed, and some movements are in the opposite direction to the growth of the body's bones. Therefore, for people over the age of 30 , some are too large. Or the posture of the yoga body that has been kept for too long is often beyond the reach of the joints and ligaments. Moreover, the bone damage caused by the human body after the age of 30 is usually not easy to repair. " Even if you practice yoga from a young age, you should be after the age of 30. Fully consider your flexibility, balance and strength, and do your best.

Take the common posture " Lotus " in yoga as an example. It is the basic form of yoga. The knee joint of the practitioner needs to be deployed to the outside, the buttocks are raised, the knees are naturally drooping, the heels of the feet and the central axis of the body are in a On the line. When performing lotus seat exercises, most of the human body's rotational movements are concentrated on the knee joint and the hip joint, while the human knee joint is a hinge joint with a small degree of rotation. Therefore, long-term middle-aged and elderly people can easily cause chronic strain and cause cervical bone joint degeneration, which directly affects the occurrence and development of cervical spondylosis.

When the boxer is fighting, the angle of the hand is often kept at about 45 degrees, because the amplitude is too large or too small, it is not conducive to protecting themselves. The same is true for yoga practice. When practicing yoga in middle-aged and elderly people, don't overdo the posture, and the practice time should not be too long. Once you have abnormal pain, you should stop practicing. In addition, there are many middle-aged and elderly people with osteoporosis. These people have weak bones and should not practice yoga. It is more suitable for walking or jogging.

" Three high " people should not choose " hot yoga "

High temperature yoga, which completes 26 fixed yoga movements in 60 minutes, must be carried out in a room with a temperature of 38~42 °C , and has a therapeutic effect on long-term insomnia, migraine, lumbar pain, cervical spondylosis and gastrointestinal diseases. It also reduces facial wrinkles, balances cardiovascular, enhances immunity and resistance, and improves hearing and vision. Seeing the introduction of a fitness club to high-temperature yoga, the reporter could not help but wonder, can you have such a remarkable effect by practicing high-temperature yoga alone ?

In this regard, high temperature yoga can cause the body to excrete toxins through a lot of sweating. However, in a high temperature environment, people are prone to collapse and heat stroke due to excessive sweating. In addition, when the body loses a lot of water, the blood viscosity increases, and the heartbeat accelerates due to exercise, which may lead to more serious blood clots, higher blood pressure, and then cause myocardial infarction, stroke, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. . Therefore, patients with weak constitution or high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease or other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not do this kind of exercise.

In particular, some people think that when practicing yoga, they should be fasted. This is actually not true, because hungry people are prone to fatigue, and people are doing high-temperature yoga exercises in a state of fatigue, which increases the degree of danger because they are on an empty stomach. Movement in the state can easily cause the stomach to sag.

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