Method and description of moisture determination in furfuryl alcohol

Shanghai Benang Trace Moisture Analyzer MA-2A has been well received by customers since it was introduced to the market, and has become an important instrument for measuring trace moisture in various industries. The national standards GB / T14022.1-2009 "Industrial Furfuryl Alcohol" and GB / T14022.2-2009 "Industrial Furfuryl Alcohol Experimental Methods" clearly stipulate two methods for determining trace water in furfuryl alcohol: â‘ Toluene distillation method; (Coulometric method) Trace moisture analyzer.

Toluene distillation: 100g of sample and 89ml of toluene are heated in a 500ml flask through an electric heating mantle for 60 minutes.

Features: â‘  Time: 90 minutes for the whole experiment process â‘¡ Test sample cost: 100g furfuryl alcohol â‘¢ Experimental reagent cost: 89ml toluene â‘£ Electricity cost: 2-3 degrees / time

Karl Fischer (Coulomb method): Add 0.02g-0.2g sample to the electrolytic cell, and the result will be determined automatically in 1 minute.

Features: â‘  Time: 1 minute â‘¡ Test sample cost: 0.02g-0.2g

Shanghai Benang Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of Karl-Fisher (Coulometric method) trace moisture analyzer, which can accurately measure the acidity of furfuryl alcohol, in line with the national standard GB / T14022.2-2009 "Industrial Furfuryl Alcohol Experimental Method" The traditional Karl Fischer reagent measures moisture in furfuryl alcohol. For every 150ml of reagent, it can be measured 300 to 600 times. Since aldehydes react with traditional Karl Fischer reagents to produce water, trace water in furfural cannot be measured. The Karl-Fisher aldehyde special reagent produced by Shanghai Benang Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. can completely measure the moisture in furfural. Each 150ml reagent can be done 50 times-150 times. Please call if necessary

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