Liquor bottle recycling market blank

Although liquor bottles are becoming more and more beautiful, the recovery of blank bottles has become a problem. Manufacturers are often bothered to refuse to recycle, and waste recycling stations are not willing to recycle, resulting in waste of resources.
Why exquisite liquor bottle manufacturers do not want to recycle it? Industry insiders told us that the price of a fine white wine bottle is not cheap, but it is very troublesome to recycle. Generally, good white wine is produced in areas where traffic is not particularly convenient, such as Sichuan and Guiyang. In terms of transportation, light freight is quite a lot, and Liquor bottles are generally made of glass or ceramics. They also cause some damage during transportation. The most important point is that some bottles are in danger of counterfeiting.
In fact, some white wines are not as expensive as white wine bottles. If manufacturers can have a perfect recovery mechanism for resumes, not only will they save costs, but they will also be a good thing for consumers. Liquor bottles will not be recycled and re-produced, costs will increase, and consumers will eventually have to be consumers. Pay the bill.
It is a pity that no one can recycle the exquisite liquor bottle.

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