Japan Mitutoyo Measuring Tool Wuxi Service Office

According to the data from the China Gage Industry Competition Forecast Report, Mitutoyo currently occupies most of the market share of high-end digital display gages. Although the quality of imported products is excellent, after-sales service is important regardless of high-end or low-end products. After many customers buy Mitutoyo measuring tools, they can't find a place to repair and useless scrap treatment, which greatly increases production costs. Now, you do n’t have to worry, there is a technician in Mitutoyo Precision Service Co., Ltd., Wuxi MTS Precision Technology Co., Ltd. to repair Mitutoyo series products.

The process is as follows:

The first step: users send inspection and repair

Customers in Wuxi area can arrange door-to-door collection. Customers from other places can mail to: Room 704, Building 21, Jiahe Plaza, Meicun, Wuxi New District. After receipt, we have a technician to confirm the receipt.

Step 2: Trouble check

After our company receives the fault measuring instrument, the technical staff will determine the cause of the product failure within 2-3 working days and give confirmation whether it has repair value, and give suggestions.

Step 3: Quote

Our company will make a written quotation for the fault repair. The repair price includes: labor fee + spare parts fee + third-party testing fee + transportation fee

Step 4: Customer confirmation

The customer confirms the order after receiving the quotation. If the customer feels that the maintenance cost is too high, our company can purchase or replace the brand new product of the same model, as long as the difference is filled.

Step 5: Payment

After receiving the payment from the customer, we will repair the faulty product within 2 days.

Step 5: Submit for inspection

According to customer requirements, it can be sent to a third-party testing agency for verification after product maintenance. (Wuxi Metrology Test Center)

Step 6: Delivery

Mail or send to the customer.

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