Introduction of the world famous kitchen and bathroom brand Moen

Introduction of Moen, a world-renowned kitchen and bathroom brand

Moen brand introduction:

Moen Inc. of the United States is one of the world's leading professional manufacturing companies for high-end faucets, kitchen sinks, and bathroom hardware accessories. Moen's series of products are complete, including faucets, kitchen sinks, pendants, bathroom furniture, etc. Adapt to the needs of various places, widely used in high-end residential, high-end hotels, villas, apartments, business office buildings and various public buildings. Moen products are favored by users all over the world for their superb technology, advanced technology, and thoughtful after-sales service, and enjoy a high reputation. It is also a well-known brand in North America and a brand with a high purchase rate specified by the public.

In 1996, Moen established a joint venture factory in China that uses advanced global production management and manufacturing processes. As a well-known global faucet manufacturer that entered the domestic market earlier, after several years of operation, Moen Company now has relatively complete marketing channels and mature sales systems throughout the country. First, the United States Moen (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong. Within a few years, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chongqing branches have been established in China. The sales service network covers more than 180 cities across the country.

Moen brings excellent products and quality services to consumers in China. More and more consumers fall in love with Moen and become its loyal fans. Moen has also become one of the leaders in the domestic bathroom and kitchen plumbing equipment industry because of its brand recognition. With the leading lead washing technology of its peers and the first digitally controlled shower system launched in China, it has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign merchants. Everyone brings a more comfortable and convenient bathing experience.

Moen brand history:

1937-Moen pioneered the single-handle hot and cold water mixing faucet, and since then changed the way people use water;

1985-Moen's sales performance reached a record high, increasing to 200 million US dollars, thereby establishing a leading position in the global kitchen and bathroom market;

1994-Moen landed on the Chinese market and created a sales miracle here;

1996-Moen established a joint venture factory with world advanced production management and process technology in Guangzhou;

2000-The M-PACT device developed by Moen effectively meets the individual needs of the market and provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for the replacement of user products;

2001-Moen China ’s annual performance has grown strongly at a rate of more than 30%;

2008-Moen's DuraLast technology, to meet users' more requirements for Moen mandrels, and create a new era of mandrel use;

2009-Moen's new ioDIGITAL digital control shower system was launched, entering a new era of digital bathroom.

2012-Moen Moen kitchen and bathroom flagship store successfully entered Dazhuang Mall, opening the era of online marketing.

The first half of 2013-Moen Moen kitchen and bathroom flagship store achieved excellent results in online marketing.

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