Inferior furniture is arbitrarily used

Inferior furniture mainly deceives consumers through the following methods

One: cut corners

Consumers don't carefully check the furniture when they buy it. It doesn't look like the furniture looks different, but the price is really far apart. In fact, there is a big difference in the materials used in furniture production. Some manufacturers have many traps in the production of furniture, such as cutting corners and stealing columns, which need to be carefully identified to be seen. Therefore, we must carefully distinguish when buying.

Two: use inferior substrate

The use of substrates that are not dried and worm-like, such furniture has a high moisture content, which can easily cause deformation or cracking after the finished furniture. Furniture made from decaying or worm-eaten wood can seriously collapse furniture.

Three: substrate mixing assembly

Since the wood-based panel furniture adopts the method of veneer decoration on the outside of the substrate, although the parts of the furniture cabinet have the same appearance, some of the substrates in the furniture are moved by the manufacturer. For example, some furniture cabinet front and door use melamine board that meets environmental protection and quality requirements, while the back panel of the cabinet uses large core board with more formaldehyde emission. Be sure to check the entire furniture yourself when you buy it. You can't just look at it.

Four: internal production cut corners

Since the wood-based panels used in panel furniture are all made of adhesive-bonded 17173, they are very sensitive to water, so their waterproof performance must be ensured by the veneering and edge-sealing treatment of the panels. In order to save costs, some manufacturers do not seal the joint between the inner panel and the board of the furniture. On the one hand, the furniture is broken by water, and the formaldehyde in the material can not be fully blocked, which causes the furniture to have a heavy formaldehyde smell.

Five: the hardware is replaced

Replace cheap hardware and cut corners in furniture installation. For example, the counter mirror of a large closet has no back panel, no beading, and is only positioned with a nail. This practice of cutting corners and cutting materials can easily cause the mirror of the counter to be broken.

Furniture fans remind you: When buying furniture, you should carefully observe the furniture samples and go to the professional store to buy brand furniture. When signing a furniture purchase contract, the sales personnel are required to indicate the contents according to their introduction. Be sure to carefully identify when buying, beware of buying inferior furniture.

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