How to perform an effective ink color test

Whether the color of the ink is accurate is directly related to the quality of the printed matter. This article teaches you how to effectively inspect the color of the ink by means of experiments.

1, principle

Contrast the sample with the standard sample scraping method, check whether the sample color meets the standard sample.

2, tools and materials

(1) Cone-shaped steel body with an adjustable wooden handle, 200mm long, 20mm at its widest point, and 8mm at its narrowest point.
(2) Wiper blade made of stainless steel, 92mm × 59mm × 0.5mm, blade width of 9mm bending outward at 25 °.
(3) Glass plates 200 mm x 200 mm x 5 mm.
(4) Scratch paper paper (in line with ZB Y32 002), specification 110mm×65mm, with 5mm wide black solid crossbar at the top down 60-65mm.
(5) Cellulose paper 65mm x 30mm.

3, test conditions

(1) The test shall be conducted at a temperature (25±1)°C and a relative humidity of 65%±5%.
(2) The inspection of face color and shade should be performed under a standard illumination body with an incident angle of 45°±5°.
(3) Inspecting the undertones should be applied to the fluoroscopy.

4, inspection steps

(1) Using a spatula, take the standard sample and each sample about 5g, place them on a glass plate, and mix them thoroughly.
(2) Use a dipstick to sample approximately 0.5g and apply it to the upper left side of the scratch paper, and then apply about 0.5g of the sample to the upper right of the scratch paper. The two should not be connected adjacently.
(3) Place the doctor blade over the coated ink sample so that the blade body section is 90° from the scratch paper. Apply force to the scratch paper from the top down to a thin layer, to 15mm below the black cross, reduce the force. Make the inside of the blade approximately 25° so that the ink is coated on the paper with a thicker layer of ink.
(4) The thin layer of ink on the scratch paper is called the face color; the lower ink layer of the scratch paper is called ink; the thin layer of the ink on the scratch paper is called the background color.
(5) The ink color is checked and the cellophane is covered on the thick ink layer.

5, test results

(1) The lithographic ink and letterpress inks are examined to see if the face color and the background color of the sample are similar to those of the standard sample.
(2) Mesh version Ink and paper gravure inks mainly check whether the color of the sample is similar to the standard sample.
(3) The test result should be based on the color and background observed within 5 minutes after the scratching. The ink color is for reference.

Source: Printing Talent Community

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