Hongqi building materials home to create the first "new parity" home shopping mall

How does this newsletter (correspondent Zhang Yan) stand out in the market competition of Wuhan home furnishing stores? The Hongqi building materials home began to implement the real price road of “clearly discounted, affordable and affordable” on May 1 this year, so that consumers can clearly understand the consumption and enjoy the real price concessions.

The change store is a shopping mall, and the bargain price is the actual price.

For many consumers, when they buy building materials, they always worry that their counter-offer is not low enough. Running around between different stores is more than a price, becoming a way for most consumers to find out the price; for dealers, the standard for measuring the quality of a salesperson is to see if he will bargain and ignore How to improve the service quality; for the shopping mall, the standardized and stable price system can well eliminate the after-sales problems caused by the different selling prices of the same product due to the customer bargaining.

To this end, after several months of investigation and statistics, Hongqi Building Materials Home has implemented a blue price tag for each brand after each price, and all products are sold at the price marked with a blue price tag. At the same time, Hongqi Building Materials Home promotes a new concept of “parity”. This does not mean a decline in the quality of goods and services. Instead, it strictly controls reasonable profits in a stable price system and also sells a more authentic commodity to consumers. The price, shaping the image of Huimin, the red flag building materials home assured shopping malls, cheap shopping malls.

Shopping mall: Let the real price be more real, the promotion is more favorable

In order to completely achieve "clear code, real price sales", Hongqi building materials home for violation of the provisions of the untrue sales behavior, focus on investigation, once verified, resolutely punished, the circumstances are serious, the two parties to lease the relationship, and clearing the field.

Before choosing Hongqi building materials home, consumers can shop around, and then see if the blue price of Hongqi building materials home is artificially high. On the basis of the blue price tag that is not high in itself, the mall will make promotions and make profits, that is the real discount! At the same time, Hongqi Building Materials Home invites consumers to supervise feedback. If the same brand, the same type of goods are higher than other stores' price system or other unrealistic sales behavior, the mall will pay the difference first, and investigate the brand's violation of the responsibility to ensure that the real price is not empty.

Dealer: Standardize the price system, stay away from malicious competition

The implementation of "clearly discounted, affordable Huimin" has been unanimously praised by dealers and sales personnel, which saves the bargaining link, sales staff can "just talk about products without talking about prices", put all the energy into introducing product selling points and quality Service. Cha Qian, a children's brand of Zhuyeshan Store, “I love my family,” said, “When trading behavior is standardized, it is no longer the price of malicious competition and false high prices. The improvement of service quality and the shaping of brand image can be more inclined. High-end."

Consumer: Supporting real-priced sales

Many consumers are accustomed to discount sales, do not buy without discount? According to the questionnaire survey of Hongqi Building Materials Home, 90% of consumers support the real-time sales of home shopping malls. They are more looking forward to the appearance of Wuguang and Qunguang-style home shopping malls instead of bargaining stores.

At Hongqi Building Materials Home, all products are sold in blue price tags, allowing consumers to purchase the best quality home products in a stable price system whenever they shop. In the future, Hongqi Building Materials Home will continue to adhere to differentiated operations, constantly improve and improve service quality, and do a good example of “new parity” home shopping malls.

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