Food bottle packaging should try to avoid colored additives

Now, with the maturation of plastic food bottle blow molding technology, various plastic additives have become more and more widely used in food bottle packaging. Among them, the non-ferrous plastic additives can better reflect the manufacturers' and consumers' demands for packaging on the packaging, make the food bottle packaging stand out on the shelf, and are used more and more frequently.

However, the most critical issue for food bottle packaging is the safety of the packaging. Colored plastic additives have been proven to be safe under normal conditions and will therefore be approved and applied. However, plastic food bottles have a variety of application environments. How to maintain the stability of non-ferrous plastic additives in these environments, how to ensure that migration will not endanger the safety of food packaging, is a problem that must be considered. Therefore, we believe that non-ferrous additives should be avoided in the packaging of food bottles as much as possible, and manufacturers can replace them with heat-shrink sleeves.

For colored additives, we think it is prudent to use them on food bottles, but it is very necessary to use chemical bottles that require light protection.

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