Customized wardrobe humanized highlights hardware accessories are indispensable

With the expansion of the home market, custom furniture has become more and more popular, and custom wardrobes are no exception. It can meet the different needs of various people and make the wardrobe purchase more human. Of course, custom wardrobes can not forget to properly and reasonably match and use when purchasing.


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Complete accessories

The biggest advantage of the custom closet is that it can set the most reasonable function block according to the size of the space. In order to improve the practical function of the cabinet, hardware, storage and other accessories are essential in daily use. For example, in the closet, in addition to separating the space for hanging and horizontally arranging the clothes with the board, it can also be matched with the trousers rack, the custom-made wardrobe, the humanized display hardware, the indispensable parts, the movable dressing mirror, the small clothes storage box and other different accessories. Effective separation and storage for everyday use.

Cabinet corner baskets, wall cabinet baskets, prop racks, trash cans and other accessories make the cabinets more convenient to use. Therefore, when shopping for three, not only the cost of the cabinet itself, but also the number of accessories sent by the merchant, or the benefits of purchasing accessories at the same time.

Increase bookcase, wall

Will home decoration also make woodwork furniture on site? With the rapid development of the custom furniture industry, more and more furniture products can be customized, and the way of traditional furniture decoration products is gradually eliminated. Compared with on-site carpentry, custom furniture factory production, finished product installation, not only will not be neighbors due to on-site sawing, but also reduce unnecessary pollution of the board.

In addition, the scale of customized furniture, mass production technology has been continuously improved, so that some popular brands have more civilian prices, and the delivery period of 15 days is also convenient to combine with the decoration process at any time, and choose the entry date of customized furniture.

In addition to traditional cabinets and wardrobes, including bookcases, shoe cabinets, TV background walls, and even balcony lockers, they can be customized to suit local conditions, especially for some irregular, small-sized spaces. space. There are also some custom brands that have launched a whole family of products, including beds, sofas, dining tables and chairs, which can be matched with custom cabinets to make the overall home style more uniform.

The hydraulic baler includes a bracket with a bottom plate and front and rear side baffles, a jack is installed on the bracket, the jack is provided with a piston rod, a vertical push plate is connected to the right end of the piston rod, and a push material is connected to the right side of the push plate Slats, the gap between the adjacent pushing slats is the rope-penetrating groove on the board; the upper right part of the bracket has a presser upper baffle, and the bracket on the left side of the presser upper baffle has a feed inlet; front and rear sides The brackets on the right side of the baffle are fixedly connected with front and rear side bars respectively, and the gap between adjacent side bars is a rope hole; the right end of the bracket has a discharge port, and the right end of the bracket at the discharge port is hinged with a door panel and a door panel Door slats are connected to the left side, and the gap between adjacent door slats is the rope slot on the door; the cavity enclosed by the front and rear side baffles, the pusher plate and the bottom plate is the feed cavity, the front and rear side baffles, and the material The cavity enclosed by the upper baffle, the door plate and the bottom plate is the extrusion cavity; the door plate and the right end of the bracket are fixedly connected with a locking device. The size of the package can be adjusted within a certain range as required.

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