Corner sofa furniture brand list: corner sofa brand? corner sofa price

The traditional sofa shape is a combination of 3+2+1 (three-person, double-digit, single-person). In such a match, they perform their duties and do not interfere with each other. However, in the face of fashion and arbitrariness, the traditional style of the sofa is not enough to meet the needs of more consumers. At the same time, the corner sofa shows great adaptability. With the space transition of right angle or arc, the living room can realize the leisure and practical functions, and the fashion sense is further improved. So what are the corner sofa furniture brands on the market now? Is there a corner sofa furniture brand list with shopping guide value? What is the price of the corner sofa? Today, Xiaobian led everyone to approach the new favorite of home decoration - corner sofa.

First, what are the corner sofa brands? Interpretation of the corner sofa furniture brand rankings

At present, the corner sofa favored by young people, the naughty appearance reflects the trend of the figure, the smart and deep humanized design, the dazzling fresh color, the simple but not simple beauty and the dynamic combination of functions, making the corner sofa It is as clean as a breeze. Because of the constant popularity of corner sofas, more and more furniture brands have established their own corner sofa brands to seize the market. Nowadays, the corner sofa brands in the market include Allyou, Lin's Wood, Yimika, Ximengbao, Shuanghu Furniture, Ou Rui Furniture, Dalin, Youjia Youle, etc. These corner sofa brands cover the vast majority. Part of the corner sofa brand list, the corner sofa market coverage reached 75.6%.

Interpretation of the sales channels of the corner sofa brands in the corner sofa furniture brand list can be found that the online sales method ranks first, accounting for 51%, while physical counter marketing accounts for 37%. In fact, it is no wonder that there will be such a high and low proportion of online sales. With the healthy development of China's e-commerce environment, the scale of online shopping is booming. Corner sofa brands such as All-Friends, Lin's Wood, and Shuanghu Furniture have all entered the major online sales platforms, especially the large Tmall platform with a large user base to promote the marketing strategy of the brand direct sales model. After all, online sales is a relatively transparent market, without the need for physical store costs, although the competition is fierce, but sometimes the price/performance ratio of products exceeds the imagination of consumers. In addition, the most important is the feedback from many buyers on the credibility of the corner sofa brand, product quality, after-sales service quality, etc., can comprehensively measure the strength of the corner sofa brand, "at a glance". Therefore, I suggest that you choose the online shopping corner. The following is a corner brand with good reputation and good sales on the Tmall platform.

Second, the corner sofa price quotes

In the living room, the sofa is the closest furniture to people. When you are lazy, you can lie down and lie down. When you are happy, you can jump up and down, even the family gathering is inseparable from its warm embrace. Therefore, the sofa should be one of the protagonists of the furniture market. Compared with traditional sofas, the corner sofas in the current market are constantly undergoing transformation and upgrading, and the openness of double, single and chaise chairs is “in the bag”, and the combination and matching are emphasized, which is very flexible. And the price of corner sofas is getting more and more close to the people.

A few days ago, the author found that the fabrics of the corner sofas are mainly concentrated in fabrics and leather sofas. Moreover, the price of medium and high-grade fabric corner sofas generally ranges from 2000 to 5000, while the high-grade fabric corner sofas generally reach more than 5,000 yuan. The price of the leather corner sofa is generally comparable to that of the high-grade fabric sofa, and it has reached more than 5,000 yuan, and the high-end has even exceeded 10,000 yuan. For the average family of three, 80 to 90 square meters of home environment, 2000 to 3000 yuan of high-end fabric corner sofa is enough to use.

Third, transfer sofa purchase and maintenance

Above, the author gives a detailed list of the popular corner sofa brands in the market, and from the perspective of the corner sofa furniture brand list, the current online sales are the main sales channels of the corner sofa, and then the author simply counts the price of the corner sofa. For your reference. Here are some small series to come back and you, how to choose a comfortable corner sofa:

1. Cloth: Cloth is the most important and most intuitive factor in determining the quality of a fabric corner sofa. Prices of different quality fabrics may vary by several times or more. Pure cotton: comfortable and soft, can see warp and weft threads; pure hemp, cotton and linen blend: dry, firm, and thick woven yarn. Generally, the national standard for fabric fabrics is 300D, while the weight of imported fabrics is above 450D, which is 50% higher than the national standard. It has sufficient thickness and density to have stronger toughness and wear resistance. Waterproof and antifouling treatment.

2. Wood: The quality of the skeleton also has a great influence on the quality of the corner sofa. The skeleton of the corner sofa is mostly made of wooden skeleton, and some sofas also have exposed structures of wooden or wood-based panels, such as handrails. A few functional corner sofas use more metal skeletons. The wooden corner of the good corner sofa is mostly made of phenolic resin rubber board, rubber wood, imported foreign wood, dried and treated with drugs, corrosion-resistant and non-deformable. The wooden frame is made of hard solid wood which has been dried and disinfected at a high temperature. The humidity is below 13 degrees, and it is mildewproof and anti-mite. The iron frame is made of imported steel, which is cut and welded by precision machine. The hardness and thickness must conform to international standards.

3. Sponge: Sponge is the main filling of the corner sofa. The quality of the sponge and the correct combination are the most important factors that determine whether the sofa is comfortable or not. High-quality corner sofa cushions and backrests use sponges of different hardness, such as super-hard sponge, high-rebound sponge, super soft sponge, etc., based on ergonomic principles. Taking the all-you corner sofa as an example, the cushion has a sponge density of 45 or more (density unit: kg/m3), and the backrest has a sponge density of 40 or more, thereby ensuring the comfortable sitting and durable characteristics of the sofa. In addition, the backrest pillows of some high-end corner sofas are filled with imported doll cotton or imported feathers that have been disinfected and degreased, which is soft and comfortable.

4. Style: Generally, there are European, Chinese, Japanese and Korean styles, but the choice of corner sofa should take into account the constraints of the apartment type, decoration style, color system, space size and so on. Corner sofa fabrics are fabric and leather, and the color also has a strong sense of jumping. Among them, the color of the leather is mostly cold, white, gray, black, beige, etc., showing the elegant temperament in the cold. The fabrics are mostly colorful, pure white, mysterious purple, fresh light blue, exaggerated red and so on, as well as a variety of colors and soft touch fabrics, making people sit very comfortable. The backrest is soft, so that it is elegant, graceful or radiant, and has a fun living room.

All in all, today's corner sofas are no longer a simple wooden frame with a sponge image, but more to incorporate the design that reflects human care, the function of the sofa has become more and more abundant, and the more people The more you enjoy. The design of the corner sofa is based on a variety of comforts. It not only fits the physiological curve of the human body, but also sits, lies or lies, and it is constantly combined and changed according to the needs of different spaces, providing comfort and flexibility. Sexuality is at its best. At this point, everyone has already understood what is the corner sofa brand, as well as some of the situation of the corner sofa furniture brand list, and generally understand the price of the corner sofa, if you need to know more about the high-quality corner sofa brand and the price of the corner sofa consumers.

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