Breaking through the era of traditional home e-commerce

In 2014, after nearly two years of market downturn, after experiencing the strong impact of the e-commerce tide on the home market, what changes will happen in the Spring City home market, and what are the turning points?

According to professional analysis, 2014 is very important for the development of the industry, and it will be an important turning point for home e-commerce to fully challenge the traditional sales model!

2014 will break through the tradition. A veteran in the industry said in an interview: 2014 will be a year of breakthrough tradition, because the arrival and impact of e-commerce has been unstoppable, for brand owners, if they still adhere to traditional marketing The model is no longer able to adapt to the new market environment. In the 2014 home market, the focus is on challenging yourself to see who can come up with the best marketing strategy in the e-commerce era!

The reporter believes that the home market in 2014 will undoubtedly become more active. Whether it is for the needs of competition or the need for self-improvement, more and more brands will have to come up with more lively and interactive activities to attract the market. Eyes. For families preparing for renovation, when you are purchasing home building materials in March this year, you should be able to feel the new ideas and changes from the market!

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